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What we'll do for you

1. Procuring the Vehicle:

We identify a suitable vehicle that suits your requirements from our sources. We source cars from japan, singapore and the UK. Once we have identified the vehicle and you have agreed that it is the unit you would like, then we go ahead and arrange for payment of deposit and reservation.



2. Processing and Shipping:

After the vehicle has been reserved, we arrange for inspection by respective government bodies, JEVIC in case of japan. we also arrange for shipping of the vehicle to kenya.



3. Clearing and Registration:

Once the vehicle arrives at port of Mombasa, we arrange for clearing and registration by KRA, and deliver the vehicle to you wherever you are.



4. Pimping your Ride:

Most vehicles imported need to be fitted with security alarm systems, they might need to be thoroughly cleaned, tint windows, install music systems and most of all arrange for insurance. Alphabit autos has teamed up with commendable garages and insurance companies to bring this right to your door.



Inshort, Alphabit Autos will handle all the logistics on your behalf. you will only need to identify the car, then drive it.