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The car buying process

1. Identify the Vehicle

use our extensive online database to search for the car you would like to import to kenya. The prices we have indicated on our database are CIF(Cost Insurance and Freight) Mombasa. Incase you do not find the car you are looking for, use the order form to tell us exactly what you need. Alternatively come to our office and you will be guided through the selecting process. You can also call or email us. See our contacts.


2. Confirm the Vehicle

Once you have identified the vehicle you desire, we embark on the search and sourcing of the vehicle from our suppliers. We will send you all photos via email, or you can come to our offices to have a look at them. Once you have settled on a  car then we will move on to reserving it.


3. Payment and Shipping

Before the vehicle can be taken for inspection and de-registered, it has to be paid for at least 100% CIF Mombasa. It is a kenyan government requirement that the vehicle be taken for JEVIC inspection in the case of Japan. Once this has been done, an export certificate together with the inspection certificates are issued, which then allows us to book the vehicle for a vessel to mombasa. It takes about 3-4 weeks to arrive at the port of mombasa.


4. Documentation

A few days after the vessel carrying your vehicle has sailed from Japan, a package containing necessary documents such as the Bill of Landing, Jevic inspection certificate, export certificate, Invoice and a translation of the Export certificate will be delivered to us by air. This is for the purpose of prepairing for clearing and registration.


5. Clearing and Registration

Once the car has landed at the port of mombasa, you will be required to pay for the duty in full as directed by KRA agents. You will be required to provide your correct contact information for the purpose of registration and later the issuing of the log book.


6. Delivering the Vehicle

After the process of clearing and registration is over, we will deliver the vehicle to your location. We will expect full payment of service charge agreed upon on delivery.